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Zoom Academy

Zoom Academy is a UK-based EdTech company with a mission to
democratise international education. Our academic programmes are created to
deliver accredited qualifications in a practical, gamified and career focussed

Our core value proposition is to open the doors of quality international education
and global exposure in affordable cost.

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Bill Rammell - President Zoom Academy

Bill Rammell was a British Labour MP and Minister from 1997-2010. For 8 years he was a senior Minister at the Foreign Office, at the Ministry of Defence and for 4 of those years as Minister of State for Higher Education. After leaving Parliament Bill was Vice Chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire for 8 years. Bill also served as Chair of Million Plus (the coalition of modern universities). After Bedfordshire Bill served as President of the University of Kurdistan Hewler in Iraqi Kurdistan. Thus Bill brings huge experience and success to Zoom Abroad, and he has led the launch of the 2+1 program to make international education an even smoother and rewarding journey with his expertise, knowledge and network.

Abhishek Nakhate

Abhishek is a serial entrepreneur driven by innovation and education. Founded Zoom Abroad in 2017 in London, United Kingdom. Zoom Abroad Online Ltd is consciously designed to maximise success for every international students by providing a supportive, unbiased and career focussed platform.

When Abhishek first started as an international student himself in 2006, his passion to help aspiring international students who want to build their dream career abroad drove him to turn his passion into a technology driven platform with the highest operational excellence standards to deliver bespoke solutions, based on each student’s unique needs.


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