Business Management Courses in the UK

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Top institutions in the UK provide business management programmes where students can learn about organisational planning, management, and operations. After completing the course, you will be hired by reputable organisations around the world. This enables you to put the knowledge you’ve learned to use practically and to make a successful living. Every component of a firm, including departments like finance, marketing, human resources, and administration, will be available for students to study.

Students have a variety of study options in business management in the UK, ranging from bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees. You can gain the understanding of developing business plans, work with statistics, and develop the necessary abilities for the appropriate vocation with a bachelor’s or MSc in business management in the UK. After completing the course, you can proceed with confidence to accept a position in the business management industry. This article gives you comprehensive information about business management programmes in the UK, together with data on the best universities, career opportunities, course content, and other topics.

Business Management in the UK Course Curriculum

Students who wish to study business management in the UK will learn about the various facets of the industry. The program was created with the scenario of global company management in mind. Students gain knowledge of the cutting-edge management strategies employed by top corporations. People who desire to rise swiftly in their managerial jobs should take this course. The topics covered are:

  • Financial Concepts of Business 
  • Quantitative Methods for Business 
  • Management Concepts 
  • People Management

Top Universities Offering Business Management Degree in UK

There are different universities offering business management courses in UK , helping students gain complete insight about different areas of business management. Some of the best universities for business management UK are:

  • University of Durham
  • King’s College London 
  • Loughborough University 
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • ESCP Business School

Let us discuss more about it:

University of Durham

The top university in the UK that offers a degree in business management is the UK is the University of Durham. Several business-related topics are covered in the course modules, such as developing a business strategy for a new start-up. The training also aids in the growth and fusion of critical business and research skills, creating the foundation for practical applications.

Program OfferedBA in Business and Management (3 years)
MSc in Business Management (1 year)
Program Fees (Annual)Approx
BA-  29,000 (INR 27,87,611.33)
GBP 22,952.42 (INR 22,00,000)

King’s College London 

King’s College London is the best college in London for business and management studies. At Kings Business School, you can study a variety of business-related subjects, such as international business, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, and marketing. Throughout the course, you’ll study about the fundamentals of an organisation’s function and be introduced to various management specialities with more sophisticated ideas.

Program OfferedBSc in Business Management (3 years)
MSc in International Business Management (1 year
Program Fees (Annual)Approx
BSc- GBP 28,050 (INR 26,96,293.03)
MSc- GBP 31,250 (INR 29,95,326.58)

Loughborough University 

To develop great managers and teach students how to work on creative management solutions, Loughborough University provides business management courses in the UK. With the most flexibility, this programme lets you create your degree around the subjects you enjoy studying and the ones that are most relevant to your long-term goals. The business management course is very versatile and will prepare you for a job in any field of business and management.

QS Ranking 2023256
QS Subject Ranking 2022231
Program OfferedBSc in Business Management (4 years)MSc in International Management (1 years)PhD in International Management (3 years)
Program Fees (Annual)ApproxBSc- GBP 22,000 (INR 21,14,739)MSc- GBP 78,000 (INR 24,92,111.72)PhD- GBP 18,100 (INR 17,39,853)

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