What Courses to go for after BBA in the UK?

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Are you a recent graduate of a BBA or B.com seeking to study management courses in the UK? The concise guide will be of great use to you. You can find all the information you need to decide on the blog. Keep reading!

In a wide range of subjects, master’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas, and postgraduate certifications are available. The PGDip or PGCert are shorter programs with a lot more flexibility than a master’s degree, which is a more advanced program that offers the optimal balance of teaching and research. These are less expensive and offer excellent learning opportunities after doing BBA in the UK or in the home country.

Best Degree Programs in the UK for BBA or BCom Graduates

Although there are many options for the best management courses to study in the UK after earning a BBA or BCom, finance, project management, human resource management, business analytics, marketing and brand management, and, of course, an MBA in the UK, are the most promising fields that promise the greatest rewards. Let’s discuss each one in more depth.

  1. MBA

    After completing their Bcom or BBA, many overseas students who wish to continue their management degree education in the UK opt to study an MBA there. The United Kingdom offers top-notch and cutting-edge MBA programmes, enabling students to better comprehend and engage in the real-time business world. The country is home to many of the top business schools in the globe. An MBA in the UK is the best way to advance your career and learn academic material. Both recent graduates and professionals with suitable work experience can enrol in MBA programmes in the UK. MBA programmes in the UK typically cost between 16,000 and 60,000 GBP. The top UK institutions offering exceptional and internationally renowned MBA degrees include

    • Durham University Business School
    • Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
    • University of Edinburgh Business School
    • London Business School
    • University of Oxford – Saïd Business School

         2.   Financial Analysis

    Business analysis programmes are increasingly gaining acceptance as courses after BBA study options in the UK. Numerous highly regarded educational institutions that provide top-notch Business Analytics programmes are located in the United Kingdom. The cost of studying business analytics in the UK ranges from 18,000 to 29,000 GBP. With a starting salary of 60,000 GBP per year, a master’s degree in business analytics opens the door to many employment prospects on the global market. There are numerous courses available, including MSc Business Analytics and MSc/PGDip/PGCert Business Analysis and Consulting. The top institutions in the UK where business analytics is taught include:

    1. University of Warwick
    2. University of Edinburgh Business School
    3. Lancaster University
    4. Alliance Manchester Business School
    5. University of Bath

    3. Project Administration

    Many prestigious firms have been seen in recent years hunting for capable project management specialists. As a result, students who want to pursue higher education in project management in the UK after earning a BCom or BBA degree. A project management curriculum helps you plan and manage projects of all sizes and sorts, and it opens up a wide range of professional options. Tuition for the programme normally ranges from 16,000 to 20,000 GBP. After earning your degree, you can begin working for a salary of up to 30,000 British Pounds or possibly more. The MSc Project Management, MSc International Project Management, and Project Management PGDip are some of the most well-liked programmes in the area.

    • The University of Liverpool
    • The University of Manchester
    • University of Bristol
    • Lancaster University
    • University of Warwick

    4. Finance

    Students who are interested in finance can continue their education in the field after completing their BBA or BCom. The courses cover both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. The numerous programs are available, allowing you to select the one that best meets your career objectives. UK universities offer Masters in Finance, MSc Business with Finance, MSc/PGDip/PGCert in Global Finance & Banking, Advanced Master in Finance, and many other finance courses. The fee to study Finance in the UK ranges between 12,000 and 22,000 GBP.

    5. Brand management and marketing

    In today’s fiercely competitive industry, marketing and brand management are essential. Therefore, experts in the sector are in great demand. The brand values and a number of related channels are outlined in the marketing and brand management courses. These give pupils an overview of the competitive market and the abilities required to flourish in it. Among the alternatives are luxury brand management, corporate brand management, and digital marketing. Top university options include

    1. Manchester Metropolitan University
    2. Brunel University
    3. University of Southampton
    4. Nottingham Trent University

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