Low-Cost Universities In the UK For International Students – Comprehensive List

Low-Cost Universities In the UK

Tuition fees and living expenses are two critical considerations for Indian students, particularly Indian students wanting to study in the United Kingdom. Living in London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and studying there is much more costly. Outside of London, however, there are numerous inexpensive institutions in the UK for overseas students and tuition and living prices differ by location and university.

To help students, the UK Government stated that the tuition price maximum for undergraduate students will remain at £9,250 for the academic year 2022-23. While colleges can charge less, most do, with the average yearly fee loan exceeding £9,000.

In the same light, some UK universities, such as Coventry University and Leeds Beckett University, are among the top low-cost universities in the UK for Indian students, offering excellent education at a reasonable cost if you want to pursue an international degree without spending a fortune. These UK institutions offer undergraduate degrees for as little as £11,000 per year in tuition. The following is our rating of the best 10 Low-Cost Universities In the UK for international students, based on tuition prices and total cost of living.

Sunderland University

In addition to its two Sunderland campuses, the University of Sunderland has campuses in Hong Kong and London’s Canary Wharf district. The university is a leading supplier of education in the United Kingdom, and it is well-known for its work in pharmacy, engineering, sports sciences, teaching, and social work, among other subjects. With undergraduate tuition starting at £12,500 a year, the University is one of the most inexpensive universities in the UK for international students.

Staffordshire University (SU)

Staffordshire University is well-known for its science departments, and some of its programs and departments rank in the top ten in the United Kingdom. The university intends to be an ethical and values-driven organization that operates as a responsible and sustainable enterprise. For several years, it has been listed among the top 100 universities in the United Kingdom, and according to the Complete University Guide, 2023, it is among the top 15 for student satisfaction. With undergraduate tuition starting at £16,500 a year, the University is one of the most inexpensive universities in the UK for international students.

Teesside University (Teesside University)

Teesside University is routinely ranked among the top ten universities in the United Kingdom for overall average foreign student satisfaction (foreign Student Barometer 2008-12). It is the first and only contemporary institution to be selected Institution of the Year by the Times Higher Education. With over 2,300 employees, the institution boasts over 80 years of educational excellence and is one of the area’s major employers. It consists of five academic schools: the School of Health and Life Sciences, the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law, the School of Arts and Creative Industries, the Teesside University International Business School, and the School of Computing, Engineering, and Digital Technologies.  It is one of the most affordable universities in the UK for international students where at the undergraduate level, they pay as little as £15000 in annual tuition.

The University of Leeds Beckett

Leeds Beckett University provides high-quality education and training at a reasonable cost. To ensure that students receive the greatest employment after finishing their studies, the institution has worked with several corporations and organizations. It has one of the most affordable tuition prices among British colleges. According to the most recent assessment, the university advanced 40 positions in the Complete University Guide, 2024, the most of any national table school. The University is regarded as one of the best and most affordable universities in the UK for international students, with an average yearly tuition charge of £13,000 for overseas students enrolled in undergraduate programs.

Trinity College, Leeds

Leeds Trinity University is a top UK university for teaching excellence, and it is well-known for its journalism programs. Recent graduates are completely satisfied with one-fifth of the undergraduate courses. According to The Times and Sunday Times Good Institution Guide, 2023, it is also renowned as the safest institution in Leeds and is ranked first in Yorkshire and the Humber for student happiness. Within 15 months, 95% of its graduates find work or continue their education (HESA 2023). The average yearly undergraduate tuition fee for overseas students is £12,500, making it one of the most affordable universities in the UK.

Cumbria University 

The university, founded in 2007, is centered on the concept of a dispersed learning network, with teaching taking place both on university campuses and at distant colleges around Cumbria. The University of Cumbria has a long history of multidisciplinary study, and it welcomes students from all around the world. To supplement students’ learnings, the university established an innovative Institute for Leadership and Stability at their Ambleside site in 2012. The location has a low cost of living and is one of the most affordable universities in the UK for international students, with an average annual tuition of £13,800 for undergraduate programs.

York St. John University

York St. John University’s nine schools provide around 100 undergraduate courses ranging from computer technology and art to social sciences and sports. The neighborhood is located in York, a historically significant city famed for its cobblestone streets and protected structures. York St. John University in the United Kingdom is well-known for its Faculty of Arts and offers majors in theology, nursing, life sciences, and education. The average annual tuition price for undergraduate degrees for foreign students is £12,500, while the cost of living in the UK is among the lowest, making it one of the most inexpensive institutions in the UK for international students.

University of Chester

The University of Chester, one of the UK’s oldest and most inexpensive institutions, has eight faculties spread over many campuses and offers more than 120 undergraduate and nearly 100 graduate degrees. Chester is recognized as one of the most appealing and secure cities in the United Kingdom to live and study in. The university’s Careers and Employability department is well-known, and it provides excellent instructional and recreational facilities and services to foreign students. Annual tuition for overseas undergraduate students is £12,750 on average.

Solent College

Solent University is located in Southampton, a vibrant city with one of the best climates for studying in the UK, on the south coast of England. Solent University, which has a substantial foreign student population, is only a little more than an hour’s drive from London. The institution offers a wide range of traditional courses in addition to a number of specialties, including writing comedy, designing yachts, and acting in video games. For international students enrolled in undergraduate programs, the average yearly tuition is £14,000.

University of Royal Agricultural

The Royal Agricultural University is one of the cheap institutions in the UK for international students. RAU, a leader in agricultural education, offers specialized courses in rural land management, business, equine science, the environment, farm management, and real estate to UK students. The University in Gloucestershire is one of the oldest agricultural colleges in the world. In addition to preparing its students for professions in land-based expertise both in the UK and internationally, the Royal Agricultural University has strong linkages to commerce. Overseas tuition at the university costs, on average, £11,000 per year.


1. Which British institutions are the least expensive for overseas students?

The University of Bolton, Leeds Beckett University, University of Greenwich, University of Sunderland, and University of East Anglia are the most affordable institutions in the UK for foreign students. The annual tuition at each of these universities is £12,500 or less.

2. What elements affect the price of a UK education?

Numerous variables, such as the university, the program, and the student’s nationality, affect the price of studying in the UK. However, some of the major elements that affect how much it costs to attend school in the UK are as follows:

Tuition: In the UK, a student’s tuition costs can range from £12,500 to £35,000 year.

Living expenses: In the UK, particularly in the larger cities, living expenses may be rather expensive. Students should budget around £1,000 per month for housing, food, and other costs.

Other expenses: In addition to tuition and fees, students may also need to budget for textbooks, travel expenses, and other supplies.

3. Where can I find out more information on the price of a UK education?

Contacting the institutions you are interested in is the best approach to find out more information about the cost of studying in the UK. On their websites, universities often include information regarding tuition costs and living expenses.

4. Do overseas students have access to scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, there are several financial assistance options and scholarships available to overseas students in the UK. The cost of tuition, living expenses, and other charges may be partially covered by these scholarships.

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